Are You Burned Out?

Do you feel exhausted, stressed, and like you don’t have time to do anything that you enjoy? Are you working in a demanding field that takes all your energy and focus leaving you very little for family, self-care, or enjoyment?

We can help! Let’s work together to create a healthy, happy, fulfilled and balanced life that allows you to enjoy family, friends and self-care routines that have you living the best version of yourself

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You Are Here Because, You Want To…

Prioritize Self Care

You feel that there are many demands on your time and energy. So much so that you are letting your physical and emotional wellbeing take a backseat. It is possible to put yourself first and find balance in daily living.

Create A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you feel sluggish and unmotivated? Do you find yourself wishing you could do all the things you used to but just don’t have the energy? You can feel energetic, at ease and lighter in body and mind. Enjoying life at its fullest by creating a healthy lifestyle.

Live Life on Your Terms

It is almost impossible to keep your life on a balanced and regular schedule. To put boundaries in place to protect your personal time and to make the most of your time at work or at home without being burnt out. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Your health and well-being depend on having a well-regulated and balanced life.

If This Sounds Like You…

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Explore the possibilities. Fulfill your dreams. We’re here to help.

Meet Coach Bina

Bina Patel, the founder of Sohum Wellness LLC, is a Certified Health & Wellness Master Coach. She is committed to helping her clients of a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, find true lasting happiness, health, and wellness.

Bina motivates her clients to realize their potential, achieve vibrant health, and take an integrative approach to wellness. She inspires and ignites her clients by helping them identify their barriers, family issues, career challenges, stress, and exhaustion. 

“Sohum fit into my lifestyle and topics of interest. An overall wellness program, that provided support for meditation, Yogic breathing and Yoga poses, Qi Gong, Nutrition basics, and beginners weight training. Helped calm my arthritis pain and eating smaller and healthier meals alleviated my GI issues.”

- Renu J.

Helping you on your journey to Health and Wellness

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