Everything around us is made of energy: from the sun that gives us warmth to the plants that give us oxygen. Our bodies are made of energy. The air in your room is made of energy. The stuff piling up in your home is also made of energy. It all just vibrates at different frequencies. So, when we surround ourselves with clutter, the energy in our space has no room to flow. And when energy has no room to flow, it becomes static. Static energy results from an imbalance happening in our life at any given moment. 

The great thing about decluttering is even the smallest change can have a big effect on the energy around you. With the first few steps, energy starts to move and builds momentum. And here are just three ways your life will improve when you declutter.

 You Suddenly Have More Time

 We’re often caught in the trap of spending time and money on stuff we don’t need rather than on experiences and adventures. We may feel overwhelmed when we share our personal space with clutter. Think about all the times wasted on trying to find that one missing item. After decluttering your home, that problem goes away. Keeping track of your stuff is about organizing, but the majority is simply having less to deal with. That’s how you gain more time.

 Money Flows More Freely

 We have the misconception that stuff has value and when we get rid of it, we get rid of money. But the truth is if you have clutter, you’re spending money on it. First, you spend money on purchasing the item. Then, you spend money on containers or organizing products to store it. Containers take space in your home. When space runs out, you may rent space in a storage facility. When you declutter, you realize you don’t need to shop as much as you used to, which means you save money!

 You’ll Experience Inner Peace

 Clutter leads to anxiety, embarrassment, and family stress. Anxiety rises from the thought of guests coming over and judging us. Life is stressful enough. A home needs to be your safe haven where you can recharge. Every space free of clutter is an area where you can breathe, find inner peace, and let go of guilt. There’s no better feeling!

Energy is all around us and we have the ability to shift it to correct the imbalance. To manifest bigger things, the more energy you need to allow to come in. Thus, the more you declutter, the more you can manifest! The choice is yours.

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