If you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself, don’t start any fad diets. It’s not easy to avoid looking at the amazing bodies you’re seeing all over social media thanks to those fad diets and those fad weight-loss trends, but they’re not long-lasting. As much as you might want to lose 20 pounds in one week, remember you need to be able to keep that weight off for good just as you need to get it off, to begin with. Fad diets don’t work because they want you to do unrealistic things to your body.

You might be able to give up carbs altogether for a week or two, but can you avoid them the rest of your life? No, you can’t. You can change your life and your body by skipping the diets and simply changing your lifestyle. It’s not about depriving your body. It’s about giving your body what it needs, and it’s about occasionally giving your body what it wants. You will find your body begins to crave different items and feel different once you make healthy lifestyle changes.

Go the 80/20 Route

You don’t want to deprive yourself of things you love, so learn to love them in moderation. If you love pizza, why not have it? As long as 80 percent of your meals are as healthy as can be, there is no reason you can’t allow yourself a 20 percent indulgence each week. Eat the donut on Tuesday morning, and then eat well the rest of the day. You can still have what you want if you remember to have it in moderation.

Make Smaller Plates

If you want to eat better and make healthy lifestyle changes, find a smaller plate. Your body thinks you’re eating more when you put food on a smaller plate because it looks fuller. Your mind tells your body it’s full even if it’s less food than you normally eat. Moderation and smaller servings are life-changing when you want to make positive lifestyle changes.

Make Your Favorites a Bit Healthier

Do you love tacos? Why not skip the ground beef and stick some baked chicken shreds or refried beans in your taco? Add some avocado, mango, a little cilantro, and some lime juice over the top for a healthy and delicious taco alternative. If you love cheeseburgers, eat them with ground turkey rather than ground beef and wrap them in romaine instead of buns. You just made a delicious meal much healthier and still as delicious.

The best way to lose weight is to skip diets and just eat better. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Stop buying junk food. Skip the chips and have a cucumber instead. Try this for one month and see if your body stops craving things like donuts and fast food. See how you feel when you do give in and have something unhealthy. Your body will probably leave you feeling lethargic and gross, and you might just find yourself craving something healthy.