Life moves quickly and people need to eat. If you’re tired of taking your family through the drive-thru there is a healthier, and less expensive, option. Below is a list of 7 quick and healthy meals for life in the fast lane!

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7 Quick & Healthy Meals for Life in the Fast Lane:


#1 Kebabs


Your grocer’s deli counter is jam packed with ready to go meals. You can grab a package of kebabs, toss them on the grill and have dinner in ten minutes. Kebabs are great because it’s veggies and meat in one meal. All you need is another veggie or starch and you have a complete meal.


#2 Roasted Chicken


Another option is a delicious roasted chicken.  You’ll likely also find whole roasted chickens in your grocer’s deli. Grab a bagged salad and you have a complete, and healthy, meal that takes you less than five minutes to get on the table. And if your family doesn’t eat the entire chicken at dinnertime, you have leftovers which can be made into chicken salad for lunch or dinner tomorrow. Two meals for one.


#3 Gnocchi or Frozen Ravioli


Thirdly, italian is always welcomed and you don’t have to top frozen pasta or gnocchi with jar tomato sauce. In fact, gnocchi, a sliced onion and a few sautéed veggies with some pre-shredded parmesan cheese makes a quick and tasty meal.


#4 Sardines


Sardines pack a wallop of protein and they’re tasty. If you like tuna fish, you’ll like sardines. Cook a package of spaghetti, toss with chopped sardines, sautéed onions and a touch of garlic and you have a meal that takes less than 15 minutes to cook.


#5 Frozen burgers


You can buy organic and non-organic frozen hamburgers and turkey burgers in your grocer’s freezer. A package of buns, cheese slices and a few minutes on the grill and you have fresh juicy hamburgers on the table.


#6 Turkey Breast


Many marketers have fully cooked turkey breast in their deli. Slice it at home or have your butcher slice it in ¼ slices, grab a bag salad from the produce section and a can of gravy. You have an instant meal. Warm the turkey and top with gravy heated in the microwave. Another great topping for turkey breast is a warmed apricot preserve. Lightly brush the turkey slices with apricot preserves and serve. (You can use the remaining turkey breast for lunches tomorrow).


#7   Ham


Ham is generally pre-cooked and all it needs is a good warm up to be ready to serve. Grab a bag of chopped cabbage and a jar of cole-slaw dressing and you have a picnic ready meal.


Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the great convenience of pre-made pizza crusts. You can top them with any of your favorite ready to serve toppings and have a pizza for the family in less than ten minutes.


It just takes a little creativity and planning in order to get a meal on the table. Skip the drive through and feed your family well in less time.


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