Positive Psychology suggests each of us is born with a ‘set-point’ for happiness. Basically, some of us are naturally wired to be happier than others. While our set points remain relatively constant, evidence suggests they increase or decrease depending upon our interpretation and responses to events. This means that, though our DNA, genes, and personality traits impact how happy we are, we ultimately have some control over our own happiness. But there’s a catch. Simply wanting to experience more happiness won’t make it so. The happiest people are the ones who take charge of their attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The bottom line is, happy people are highly intentional. The secret to your own happiness is that it’s within you.

2 girls smiling and hugging each other - demonstrating that the secret to happiness is that it's within you.

Knowing that the power to create our own happiness resides within each of us is, well, empowering. But before creating new happiness habits it’s critical to first eliminate habits that interfere with happiness.

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond winning.” ~ Lao Tzu

Finding the Secret to Your Happiness

There are many habits that interfere with our ability to feel happy. The first step to experiencing more happiness is letting these things go:

The idea that life is hard.

If happiness is a choice, so is our belief that life is hard. Life is exactly as hard (or as easy) as we decide. This isn’t about minimizing obstacles or difficult circumstances. It’s about choosing the mantra, life is easy

Being distrustful.

We live in a cynical world and it can be hard to trust people. But distrusting others impedes our ability to be intimate and form the relationships central to happiness.

Comparing ourselves to others.

When we look at others to determine our own worth we’re biased – we take the worst we believe is true of ourselves, and compare it to the best we imagine in someone else.

Trying to control life.

Things seem to go more smoothly, with much less stress, when we allow a situation to unfold naturally instead of trying to force a result.


We all daydream from time to time. But a recent Harvard study suggests that mind-wandering plays a major role in our unhappiness. Happiness is closer at hand when our minds focus on what we’re doing in the present moment.

By letting go of the habits that prevent our happiness, we simplify our lives. This makes room for new happiness habits to take hold.

How clear is your slate of these obstacles to happiness? 

Always remember, the secret to happiness is that it’s within you.

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