Writing in a daily journal may seem like a daunting task. How do you decide what to write about every single day? Some journal writers may enjoy writing without direction, but sometimes that leads to writer’s block and wasted hours of thinking about what to write. The following are some prompts for what to write in a daily journal.

A women sitting on a couch, listening to music and writing in a journal, demonstrating how many different things there are to write about in a daily journal.

What to Write in a Daily Journal:

Quotes & Reflection

Inspirational quotes are great journal prompts as there are hundreds to choose from and even more analysis on their meanings and applications. Find a quote that inspires you to do something more in your life and put it down along with reflection on how it applies. Any quote can work for this exercise, whether it’s a line from a book or movie or even a funny joke or anecdote.

Answer Questions

There are a few ways to find questions to answer in your journal. One way is to collect your own questions on a daily basis by simply writing them down as they come to you and then saving them. You can also visit sites dedicated to asking questions and find one that appeals to you and write about it in your journal.

Personal Life Goals

If you run out of things to write in your journal, you could also talk about your goals. You don’t have to put all your goals down in one entry, but instead dedicate an entry to one specific goal. Talk about the goal, what you can do to achieve the goal and the importance of the goal in your life.

Important Events

These don’t have to be events that you personally experienced, but any kind of significant event that can be discussed and analyzed. You could pick famous events from history, like the beginning or ending of a war, or the death of a famous figure. You could also focus small and talk about events that happened in your own town or nearby. To go even smaller, you could talk about specific important events in your own life and how they changed you.

Challenges & Solutions

Everyone faces a variety of challenges every single day. Any time you encounter a struggle during your day, write about it in your journal. What happened that made it a challenge? How did you feel when you had to face it? Did you overcome the challenge? How did you overcome it? Some challenges can’t be overcome in a day and then you might want to write about possible solutions to the challenge in the days or weeks ahead.

Dreams & Memories

Everyone has dreams and memories during the day. Talk about a memory that came to you during the day. Try to recall more of the memory and how it made you feel. If you had an interesting dream the night before, write it down and then look up possible meanings in a dream dictionary. Discuss if the dream meaning is applicable to your life.

Write About Food

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s often very helpful to keep a food journal of what you ate during the day. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, it can be fun to talk about new recipes you’ve tried and food you ate during the day.

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