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Bina Patel, Certified Professional Coach

Bina Patel is a Certified Health & Wellness Master Coach with over 20 years in leadership, mentoring, and coaching roles from a personal and professional perspective, which have allowed her to be a guiding light in the lives of others. Bina’s corporate work in Structural Engineering provided her with first-hand experience in the constant balancing act of her personal and professional life in a fast-paced environment in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. She has spent over 25 years working on projects like the Dulles Greenway and the Dulles Metrorail Silver Line. Originally from India and raised in Philadelphia, Bina combines her Eastern roots and Western upbringing in her approaches to team-building, interpersonal relationships, and program customization.

Coach Bina’s incredible journey in working with others over the years has validated her belief in the power of a helping hand, a mentor, or a cheerleader to help people get through the stressful days, overloaded schedules, and constant chaos. She provides the tools to help improve her clients’ quality of living and to promote growth and prosperity in their health and wellness journeys. Bina’s clients have benefited from her expertise in areas such as career transition, work fulfillment, and workplace conflict resolution. By following a customized process, she explores her client’s personal motivations to create short and long-term goals, and develop a plan of action tailored to their individual needs. Bina realizes that the opportunity to provide this assistance in a confidential and professional manner was not always available; her vision was cultivated from the necessity to provide this essential opportunity to overcome confusion and stress from daily living, allowing others to receive the help they need on their paths to health and happiness.

Bina has earned her Competent Toastmaster educational award from Toastmasters International. She recognizes the importance of continuing education and currently trains at the World Coach Institute.

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To coach individuals to achieve balance in their personal and professional lives in order to promote health, happiness, and wellness!
I am That.

The Sanskrit word Sohum translates to an enlightened stage: that moment when you have achieved a level of understanding and balance with the universe and all that surrounds you.

All coaching sessions are 100% confidential. We abide by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.
The Sohum logo depicts a happy person, someone who feels the freedom to live life to its fullest.

The lotus flower represents purity and beauty: even when immersed in a muddy pond, its flowers bloom on long stalks above the dirt. Water, dirt, and mud slide right off the petals, leaving the flower in a pristine state. The unfolding lotus blossom leaves embody the blossoming of the spirit. Sohum Wellness Logo

[Getting through the constant chaos] in a confidential and professional manner is not always available; Bina took this opportunity–this basic necessity to overcome confusion and stress from daily living–to focus on helping others on their paths to health and happiness.

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