What is coaching?

Coaching is a form of development in which a coach supports a client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing guidance. A typical coaching session results in an open dialogue to clarify goals and identify obstacles in the way.

How would you help me with my concerns?

As a Certified Professional Coach, I am trained to use my coaching skills to uncover the source of your wellness problem.  You will be presented with an option to work together after an initial assessment.  We will create a customized plan to meet your needs.

Will you tell me what to do?

My job is NOT to tell the client what to do but I DO bring a process to the table that allows the client to dig deep to find motivation, create goals and a plan of action for their particular needs.

Are you an expert in nutrition?

I am NOT an expert in the field of nutrition but I am trained to be knowledgeable in the areas of wellness and nutrition.

What can I expect from the coaching sessions?

The goal is to achieve a positive outcome for my client. I will use my coaching tool box to generate self-awareness to change beliefs that are holding them back or enable them to create plans for themselves.

Who is your typical client?

Our typical target audience could be from one of the following examples or any other unique situation:

  • Those who want to manage work-life balance.
  • Those who want to reduce stress in their lives.
  • Those who want to lose weight.
  • Those who wish to improve their overall health.
  • Those who want to create a well home or family with healthy relationships.
  • Those who wish to live more holistically.
  • Those who seek professional and confidential coach to navigate through personal life situations.
  • Women in STEM fields who work long, irregular hours under immense work pressure.
  • Those who want to transition to a purposeful career.
  • Those who want to declutter physical, mental and digital spaces in their lives.
  • Those who want to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle routine.
How can I sign up for coaching?

Steps for signing up for Coaching Sessions

a. Please submit a form or send an email with your contact and basic information.

b. Schedule 30 minute free consultation for an initial assessment.

c. Client agreement contract documents will be sent to your email address.

       1. Signed contract with prepayment is required before the first coaching session.

       2. Payment can be made in the form of a check, credit card or PayPal.

       3. Coaching sessions will be scheduled based on the selected frequency of meetings.

Can I give a coaching package as a gift to a friend or a family member?

Yes, giving a gift of finding clarity and purpose is the most meaningful gift one can give.  You can become a sponsor and provide some basic information about the sponsee.  I will be happy to work with the sponsee.

What is Wellness?

Wellness is both a process and an outcome. As a process, people who live a life of wellness actively engage, pursue, and maintain a life of good health. As an outcome, wellness includes a state of measurably positive mental, physical and emotional health.

It’s important to note that a life of wellness doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of disease. For example, a person living with a chronic disease who actively manages disease with medication and a healthy lifestyle is in pursuit of wellness – and therefore, leads a life of wellness.

How do wellness programs work?

Based on our experience, you can increase your chances for successful results by creating an individualized personal wellness plan.  Some of the key components of an effective wellness plan / program are:

  1. Assess your current health & wellness
  2. Set short-term & long-term goals
  3. Break down goals into smaller action items
  4. Track your progress
  5. Make modifications based on your progress
  6. Stay motivated

Working with a Health & Wellness coach, you get continuous support, guidance and motivation for optimum success.

Which wellness program should I start with?

Throughout the year, we offer several wellness workshops / classes / programs.  Some of the topics are listed below.  You can join our mailing group to be notified of our upcoming programs.  You can visit our website (www.sohumwellness.com ) for upcoming events.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (for healthy eating / exercise and more)
  • Yoga, Exercise & Meditation classes
  • Decluttering workshop
  • Wellness dimensions workshop
  • Prioritize Your Wellness through Self-care
How do I engage my loved ones in the Wellness program?

The best way is for you to start your wellness journey.  If you have started, they will get motivated by seeing your commitment and results.  Leading by example is very effective. 

How do I measure the wellness program’s effectiveness and success?

One of the techniques to measure progress is using the SMART goal model.

(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound). For example, “I want to lose a few pounds.” Instead, say “I want to lose 15 pounds in 6 months.”